The live room at New Cut Studios provides a relaxed and comfortable environment, for band rehearsals and instrument tutorials alike. Our regular rehearsal customers all say it's the best sounding room in Bristol. The room is treated and damped so that you don't come out with tired ears at the end of a band practice. It also has air conditioning and dimmable lighting to give you more environmental control during your session. We want you to make the most of the time you're paying for and to enjoy being here. 

We believe this will also make you a better band. The more time you can spend working comfortably the more you are bound to improve your skills, both individually and as a group. And with proper wedge cabinet floor monitoring for your foldback you can be gig ready in no time. The basic drum kit, bass cab and two guitar cabs are available at no extra cost and we will supply quality amplifier heads/combos or snare/pedal/cymbals for a modest charge. For a more detailed list of the equipment, including our backline and collection of vintage effects pedals, click here. If you don't want to use the cabs (even if only as stands for your own combos) then we'll happily shift them out; and you can of course bring your own drum kit if you prefer. 


New Cut Studios is a small, friendly place with only one rehearsal room: which means you will have the whole place to yourselves. You're free to make as much noise as you want and you won't be disturbed by any other bands - a level of privacy that is rare in most rehearsal studios. There's another way in which you can take advantage of this exclusivity: you can record your session easily with our top-notch recording facility in the control room next door. What better way to reference the material you're working on in order to develop your perfomance skills? New Cut really is the best place to work on the way you look and sound as a live act. 

We have a small, well-stocked kitchen & lounge area with a kettle, toaster, coffee filter, sandwich toaster, microwave and even a full size fridge-freezer: so if you don't like the variety on offer from our little tuck shop then you can bring your own food and refreshment. We're just across the river from The Thunderbolt over Totterdown Bridge; and it's a short walk to the Bocabar at The Paintworks if you need to get out for a pint or some hot food. During office hours there are cafés and shops just a five minute walk away, near Motion. We're far from being a fully catered residential studio but one  of our sofas does pull out into a double bed if you need to catch some Zs during a particularly long vocal take. 

We have a large, secure car park with a gate that can be locked during evening & weekend sessions; in fact we provided Suede with secure tour bus parking and a landline/shore-power during the 2016 6Music festival. We can now offer secure cage storage and 24hr access to our regular clients. You can bike down and not have to give everyone a lift! We have finished building our combination-locked equipment cages: part of our move to be set up like the professional rehearsal studios we have used in London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Chicago. Our whole approach in establishing New Cut was to introduce the kind of facility and working practice that we have found whilst working in the world's top production complexes as touring road crew. We want to take the best features from all the places we've used over the years and improve on them. There's more to New Cut Studios than just a music room; we will give you all the technical nurturing you need for creative growth. We've been doing it all our working lives. If you're looking for a new base of operations for world domination why not come to a place where we can stimulate your creativity, inspire your playing and make it fun to be in a band. 

And of course there's a toilet & wash basin. We haven't got a shower yet but we can hose you down in the workshop. Click here to see prices and options.