Our mission at New Cut Studios is to realise your vision in sound (how's that for an oxymoron? We're all about the synaesthesia here) and you won't find a better place to cut great sounding tracks. Whatever you want to sound like, however you want to record, we will bottle the magic - whether you want lo-fi, post-punk with just two mics for a retro jam or need hi-fi voice-over for a TV nature program. Want to have the best sounding music up on Bandcamp? New Cut is the place to come and record live drums for that bedroom studio project; we are the people to re-amp those weedy, flat guitar sounds. We are ideally set up for tracking, overdubbing, live band takes and vocals. If you have a Pro Tools project that you need to mix properly then you couldn't find anywhere better to do it. 

New Cut Studios is built around Pro Tools HD2 recording and a Neotek console. DSP on mix down is handled by a UAD-2 QUAD card and some very nice additional plug-ins. 24 outboard input channels are provided through a versatile mix of mic pres, including Shadow Hills GAMA 8, Focusrite ISA & Toft Audio. We can feed these channels with a variety of quality microphones - Coles, Neuman & Sennheiser amongst others - and various Radial, Palmer & Orchid boxes. And at the start of 2019 we have now installed two amazing analogue tape machines, a Studer A80 Mk.I 1/4“ stereo tape machine and an Otari MX5050 Mk.I 8-track 1/2” tape recorder. If you would like to see a more detailed list of our high quality preamps, our large selection of great mics - as well as our amps, guitars and collection of vintage effects pedals, click here

Love Pro Tools but hate mixing in the box? All audio can be routed through our Neotek Essence recording console which has 8 full channel inputs and 24 line inputs giving a total of 32 inputs for tracking (in addition to the 24 channels of ouboard mic pres) and 32 channels of analogue summing. Our desk was acquired from the studio of producer John Wood and is featured in this Sound On Sound articleThe live room at New Cut is perfect for capturing band performances, or however else you want to record your sessions. We will often place guitar and bass cabinets up on the mezzanine and re-amp the guitars' signals up there so that a band can record the basics of a song with great live feel whilst keeping good mic isolation. 

Please feel free to call us on 0117 329 2024  - or better still, drop us an email to to discuss your project further. Maybe you're not even sure if you're ready to record yet or even whether you can afford to; why not come down for a rehearsal and talk to us about how we could go about getting something down for you to build on? It is incredible what you can achieve these days with home recording, but in order to get your music to stand out from the crowd you can't do better than use a versatile studio with a well treated live room. Even if only to capture the true ambience of the drum kit. Here at New Cut Studios, with our years of experience and a great collection of mics & preamps, we can help you create a solid foundation for your recordings. 

Recording drums at New Cut Studios Bristol using Coles 4038s for overheads

Recording drums is something that you need to get right from the start - it will play a big part in your final mix. Get a great sounding drum kit in a great sounding room and you've won half the battle. Get the sound right at source. Judicious microphone selection and placement is essential to good recording and this is especially true of drums: but so is the nature of the room in which you are recording. If you intend to record drums you need to take the space into account - the reflections in the room are an integral part of the way in which the whole drum kit is going to sound. We've already done that for you at New Cut in the way we've acoustically treated the room. 

Our live room is also the ideal space for recording electric guitar - and we've got some nice amps here if you're not happy with your own, or just fancy a change. Already got the guitar take in the bag in your bedroom? That's great, but does it sound like it was played in a bedroom? At New Cut you can re-amp that track through a great amp, cabinet and microphone and back into your DAW or sequencer. And why stop at guitar sounds? You can re-amp that soft-synth as well to introduce all the fat, warm dynamics it needs to become more fluid and organic. Make it sound as though you built it laboriously on a huge wall of modular banks. Put it through some of our original vintage effect pedals and get a sound like nothing else on earth. 

If you've spent months building your jams, carefully constructing impeccable beats and sampling the choicest long-lost breaks then you want your flow to crest over the top of your tracks like rolling thunder. As a great man once said, you need to be "Showin' much flex when it's time to wreck a mic" and for that you need space to move and you need a damn good mic to wreck. You need to use the absolute best-sounding kit - if you're going to get it on the money up front, we've got your back at New Cut. Click here to see prices and options. 

Brockley Forest recording a luive session at new cut studios