Need band supplies and spares in Bristol? If you need to re-up your tour supply, to restock consumibles or to order equipment with the best trade discounts, drop us a line. 


Item RRP Discount % Price
Guitar strings


15% £5.53
Bass strings




Drum sticks








Batteries (9 volt)

£3.50 15%


Gaffa Tape


10% £6.30
Electrical Tape


10% £0.90

Whilst we haven't yet set up a Pro Shop for tour supply (and as yet haven't really got the extra space for retail proper) we've usually got strings, sticks, picks & gaffa lying around, as well as a few drum heads and occasionally even the odd drummer. However, we also have access to touring supply companies and wholesale accounts so we can often get good discounts. Above is a list of the items we will be stocking soon on a regular basis, if you require any other supplies please let us know. In fact we can try and get you a good price on any kind of gear through our contacts in the industry.