Custom '61 Olympic White Strat being assembled in early 2015. 


We've been making things work, with limited resources, in far flung lands, for the last quarter of a century. Trying to put on a show in challenging places like Lagos or Qaqortoq can be quite testing, believe me. We're touring technicians, not luthiers, but we offer a fairly comprehensive repair service for guitars and other instruments as well as various types of musical equipment. If your acoustic guitar needs a new saddle or you want a pick-up installing, no problem. If you want a new neck making for it, well, I guess we could have a go but you're better off finding a proper instrument maker. We can build you a custom Telecaster from parts quite easily, (the Strat above is one I made earlier) but turning trees into a unique dreadnought acoustic takes a different skill-set entirely. 

If it's something simple we'll fix it - and if it's not we can steer you in the right direction. Even if it's beyond repair we'll be able to tell you why. We've built a few pedal boards in our time too and we make good cables - we're used to making looms to last for an 18 month world tour. If you've got a pedal, amp, or keyboard that's broken we'll look at it for you: there's a good chance we can get it working, we've been fixing those sort of things for years as well. Having to dismantle a Roland RD500 in the back of a truck behind a festival stage in the pouring rain in order to replace and repair broken key weights is a normal day at the office. Having to use a switchable DC wall-wart and multimeter probes to apply 3 volts, then 6 volts, to tiny motors in a jammed Tascam DA-88 to unlace and then eject the just-edited show tape ten minutes before curtain up was, thankfully, a more unique fix. "Make it happen", that's the brief. Do you know why "the show must go on"? Because someone is going to lose money if it doesn't. That's why we get employed. Can't afford a roadie? Come to New Cut and rent one. 

Routine services include:

  • Set ups and restringing (full action adjustment & intonation tempering). 
  • Tremolo maintenance and set ups for all models. 
  • Top nut repairs and replacement, including custom bone nuts & saddles from blanks. 
  • Guitar electrical repairs, pickup upgrades and custom circuit harnesses. 
  • Pickup repairs & remagnetising. 
  • Audio EM screening (RF shielding). 
  • Hardware upgrades and maintenance including bridges, machine heads etc. 
  • Hardware repairs and replacement. 
  • Headstock and neck repairs. 
  • Fret dressing and repair. 
  • Finish repairs and touch-ups. 

As a touring guitar tech I'm used to travelling very long distances only to have to fix stuff in a muddy field. I have tool cases and a portable work bench and I am happy to drive in and out of Bristol and come to you to work on guitars. This sort of service obviously involves a little more cost to cover travelling for your convenience. Click here to see prices and options. 


 Repair to a split sound board for one of our rehearsal clients.